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“Unique” analgesic with no side effects developed in Siberia

1 Nov '16
Siberians are said to have developed a drug to kill basically all types of pain. The new pain reliever is believed to have no side effects typical for an array of steroidal and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that exist in the market.

Two research teams were behind the project, including the Tomsk State University (TSU) and the Biysk-based Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energy Technologies headquartered in the neighboring Siberian region of Altay.

It’s a substance called glyoxal that the scientists used to come up with the new drug candidate. TSU chemists earlier developed glyoxal synthesis technology for large-scale industrial purposes. The substance is the basis for a family of high energy compounds; but at an interim phase of synthesizing such compounds part of the substance is reportedly extracted from the process and reprocessed to produce a potential medicine with what the developers refer to as “unique pharmacological characteristics.”

Thus far glyoxal has been used predominantly for defense purposes.

The drug candidate has been successfully tested at a preclinical trial stage at the Tomsk-based Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, TSU emphasized. The research results show that the analgesic effectively deals with pain syndromes of various nature, and its painkilling effect lasts much longer than with other modern pain relievers. Most notably, the solution is said to show no dangerous toxic impact on the human body; it’s also non-addictive.

The new drug has been called “Tiovyurtsin.” When it may hit the market has yet to be further announced.