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15 Dec '09

Ankovskoye to invest $2.2m in reconstruction

Ivanovo region cheese and butter maker Ankovskoye is...
15 Dec '09

Petrovsky Sovkhoz to build $63m pig complex in Ivanovo region

Agricultural firm Petrovsky Sovkhoz intends to build...
15 Dec '09

Auction to sell $1.7m oil fields in Bashkiria fails

The auction to sell licenses on two hydrocarbon...
15 Dec '09

Sinterra builds $3.3m FOCL from Ivanovo to Suzdal

Telecom group Sinterra has completed construction of...
15 Dec '09

Yaroslavl region’s $176m Clean Water program

A total of $176m is to be spent to finance Yaroslavl...
15 Dec '09

Ivanovo Guarantee Fund gives $2.6m guarantees

Ivanovo regional Guarantee Fund has provided $2.6m...
14 Dec '09

Moscow investor buys St. Pete’s 18th cen. palace for $24.7m

St. Petersburg’s Kushelev-Bezborodko Palace has been...
14 Dec '09

Kalevala’s $366m Karelia woodworking announced

Investment group Kalevala has plans to launch $366m...
14 Dec '09

VTB North-West’s $26.7m Kirov loan aired

VTB North-West has announced a $26.7m one-year loan...
14 Dec '09

Arkhangelsk approves $3.7m ‘wooden longevity’ program

Arkhangelsk has endorsed a $3.7m two-year program...

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21 Apr '17

Kendrick White: “I intend to stay in Russia and continue to push for innovation economy”

After several years of regional “inward looking”...
6 Mar '17

Russian scientists blaze their own trail to light-based computing

Developing a photonic computer, a technology that...
25 Jan '17

Volga developer enables people to take good care of their heart

ScreenCardio-NN, an innovative company based in...
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2 May '17
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28 Apr '17

Russian VC market shows signs of thawing, RB Partners and EY found

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27 Apr '17

Russian optical fiber producer challenges importers?

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2 May '17
Scientists in Novosibirsk, in Siberia, are developing...